Critics Choice Awards 2023 Red Carpet Rundown – Part Two

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Posted on January 17, 2023

If you missed any of our 2023 Critics Choice Awards coverage, well shame on you! Fortunately for everyone, our hearts are large and forgiving, so we’re going to provide you with a link to get you all caught up. There. Wasn’t that thoughtful of us? Now let’s hit the home stretch of judgment together, kittens. Ready, set, GO!

Brendan Fraser in Dior Homme

It’s beautifully, impeccably fitted to him. It’s so close to perfect, but we’re begging for an undershirt next time.

Britt Lower in Harithand

We’re not really feeling it. A little too close to cult leader for us.

Daisy Edgar-Jones in Gucci

This is not a reference we pull it out often anymore, but this is TOTALLY giving “I fucked up my first dress and I have three hours before I have to show Nina Garcia something.” It’s not awful, but it’s not special either. The textile is beautiful, though.

Diego Luna in Dior Homme

Can’t argue with that.

Domhnall Gleeson in Giorgio Armani

He has that rare gift of going from husband material to sleazy hot, depending on the length of his hair.

Gabriel LaBelle in Dolce & Gabbana

No notes. Love the vest.

Jenny Slate in Olivier Theyskens

We kind of love this for being so different from the awards season norm. It’s giving Klimt, and the colors really suit her.

Julia Garner in Ferragamo

Enh. We’re not inclined to love the outfit, but we think the choice of shoe and necklace are the real crimes here. Neither go with the dress.

Kerry Washington in Armani Privé

This is fun and pretty. We’d have liked more of a classic sweetheart neckline. Her hair looks great.

Miles Teller in Gucci

Looks great.

Minha Kim in Dior

It’s a little too voluminous for her and that belt obliterates her waist, but we won’t deny we did little gay gasps when we first caught it. It’s very dramatic on her. Love the sandals and jewelry.

Patricia Arquette in Valentino

Miss Patricia’s tastes are all over the map and we feel like she could benefit from a stylist who knows how to be steer a client toward more stylish options. This isn’t terrible, but we wouldn’t call it stylish either. We like the stacked jewelry, but it doesn’t go with the 1970s First Lady gown at all.

Phoebe Dynevor in Louis Vuitton

What’s the point of placing your embellishments in such a way as to only present them obscured and distorted? The skirt design doesn’t work and the colors are harsh.

Renée Elise Goldsberry in Cucculelli Shaheen

Can’t argue with any of that. She looks gorgeous.

Sheryl Lee Ralph in Jovana Louis

We know the baked potato jokes are going to fly, but we think this looks gorgeous on her.

Zoe Kazan in Rodarte

This is going to sound a little shady, but we swear we mean it solely as a compliment. She has a knack for selecting the kinds of dresses only she could pull off. The primly retro style is exactly right for her.

[Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association, Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association]