Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Premiere Recap: Treasure Hunt — Grade the First Two Episodes

Wasting no time, Star Wars: The Bad Batchs two-episode premiere (streaming now on Disney+) finds the titular mutant-clones evading angry crab monsters, pillaging Count Dooku’s abandoned palace, and (miraculously) managing to squeeze through the Empire far-reaching, ever-lengthening fingers.

The first episode, titled “The Spoils of War,” opens on a quiet tropical planet seemingly unbothered by Imperial interest. The tranquility proves temporary, as Wrecker, Hunter, and Echo (all voiced by The Clone Wars alum Dee Bradley Baker) burst out of a beachside grove with a swarm of riled-up crab aliens snapping at their heels. With help from other Bad Batch clones Tech (also Baker) and Omega (Neighbours‘ Michelle Ang), the crew escapes the scuttling hordes of whatever-they-are and heads back to their information broker, Cid (Cheers‘ Rhea Perlman) on Ord Mantell.

Upon their arrival at Cid’s Parlor, the Bad Batch meet Phee Genoa (Wanda Sykes), whom Cid refers to as “the most trustworthy pirate I know.” An oxymoronic statement if we’ve ever heard one.

Cid informs them that Count Dooku’s empty palace on Serrano has goodies worth swiping and tells them to see what they can grab. Everyone else is game, but Hunter is reluctant. He points out that they would basically be giving themselves up to the Empire. But the reward Cid promises is enticing: “You wanna really be free? Then pull off this heist, and you’ll have the means to disappear. No more risky missions. No more living hand-to-mouth. You can have a future.”

Hunter gives in, and the next scene sees the Bad Batch en route to Serrano. They reach the planet without incident, but seizing Dooku’s war chest proves more complicated. Imperial forces are already all over it; cargo ships crammed with crates have parked themselves around Dooku’s derelict abode, and scores of stormtroopers keep watch over the operation.

Wrecker, Omega, Echo, and Tech sneak aboard one of the cargo vessels while Hunter destroys several enemy ships as a diversion. The plan works. Kind of. His distraction gets the troopers’ attention, but the jumpy grunts take the annoyingly frantic measure to shut everything down. This means that Omega, Echo, and Tech are trapped inside one of the ships while Wrecker (who managed to steal one of the crates before the diversion) regroups with Hunter in a nearby forest.

Omega and the others try to escape, but the ship takes off before any progress can be made. Hunter and Wrecker are unsuccessful in their attempt to hitch a ride on the ship and find themselves holding off a wave of troopers. The fight takes them to Dooku’s old scheming room (fans will recognize it when they see it) while Omega and company encounter another problem. The troopers deduce that intruders are aboard the cargo ship and eject the escape pods to make a getaway impossible. Fortunately for them, Omega has been studying up on spacecrafts and suggests they eject themselves in one of the crates.

The plan works and they’re soon hurtling toward the ground in a crate that’s showing no signs of slowing down. That first episode cuts to black….

Star Wars Bad Batch Recap

This transitions nicely into Episode 2, “Ruins of War,” which immediately addresses the Bad Batch’s predicament. Hunter and Wrecker are still evading troops on their way out of Dooku’s palace while Omega and the others are saved by the container’s external thrusters. They land in Serrano’s mountains. Tech sustains a pelvic injury during the descent, and the crate teeters on the edge of a cliff.

Hunter and Wrecker escape Dooku’s palace and take cover in nearby city ruins, but stormtroopers led by Captain Wilco quickly set up a perimeter and call in air support.

Omega, Tech, and Echo escape the container and encounter an old man named Romar, who was displaced by Dooku’s greed. As Wilco’s forces searches for them, Hunter and Wrecker happen upon abandoned Separatist war tanks and proceed to blast their way to (relative) safety. They eventually commandeer a ship and head to help their friends.

Omega, believing that they can still salvage the mission, takes off with one of Romar’s repelling cables and descends the cliff to reach the crate containing the war chest. Echo follows her and is soon beset by speeder-riding troopers sent to inspect the crash site. An injured Tech shows up to keep the troopers busy while Echo searches for Omega in the crate.

Echo finds Omega, but as they attempt to haul the treasure out of the container, the jewels spill and fall just out of reach. Echo tells her to leave the war chest and to prioritize their safety, but Omega doesn’t listen. She confesses that she heard an earlier conversation between Echo and Hunter in which the former pointed out that they’re all on the run because of her.

At the top of the cliff, Romar lends Tech a much-needed assist and tosses a rope over the edge to help the Echo and Omega. Troopers continue to attack from all sides, but Tech’s quick thinking takes most of them out. Echo, having convinced Omega to let the war chest go, follows her up Romar’s rope. Tech fights off more troopers and Romar finishes pulling Echo and Omega to safety. Hunter and Wrecker arrive in their ship, the Marauder, and after saying goodbye to Romar, the Bad Batch leaves Serrano.

Safely aboard the Marauder, the Bad Batch decompress. Omega apologizes to Echo for losing the war chest, but he tells her they made the right choice rescuing her and that he would do it again if he had to.

The final scene sees Vice Admiral Rampart (Noshir Dalal) visiting Serrano shortly after the failed heist. Recall that at the end of the first season, Rampart oversaw the destruction of Tipoca City on Kamino. Now, he assumes the Bad Batch is out of the picture. Captain Wilco informs him that they are alive, but Rampart orders him to falsify the report to avoid a contradictory narrative. When Wilco refuses, Rampart kills him….

What did you think of Bad Batch Season 2’s opening salvo?