Shemar Moore Used A Criminal Minds Reference On A Post About S.W.A.T., And Fans Are Noticing

As Criminal Minds fans continue to love Criminal Minds: Evolution, some are getting antsy for more. While we’ll be getting more information on Reid and Simmons’ assignment in the upcoming episodes, will there be any cameos in store from other alums? Shemar Moore’s use of a famous line is getting fans intrigued.

Before Moore led 20-Squad as Hondo on S.W.A.T., he portrayed FBI Agent Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds for 11 seasons. While promoting an episode of S.W.A.T. on Instagram, the actor used the words “baby girl” in his post, something that Derek frequently called Garcia, and Criminal Minds fans are taking note:

He does tend to use “baby girl” a lot in his posts, but that isn’t stopping Criminal Minds fans from noticing the meaning. One fan, anaortiz572, got upset that he still uses the line since Penelope Garcia is his one and only baby girl, but they still love him regardless:

HOW DARE YOU USE BABY GIRL YOUR NOT ON CRIMINAL MINDS ANY MORE IT breaks my heart 💔💔still love u tho but ur only bbg is Penelope 😭🙌😩

Another fan, clarinetgirl_23, just got emotional and simply said share love for the former Criminal Minds star, showing that there are no hard feelings:

Love you Baby boy ❤️❤️

Meanwhile, some fans are just anxiously waiting for Derek Morgan to return to the BAU, no matter how long of an appearance it is. One fan, though sweetly, demanded that he visit the bullpen again:

I need baby boy to swing by Criminal Minds and make a small appearance please 🙂

S.W.A.T. fans, on the other hand, were just excited to see Shemar Moore in action again, with user jeaniebug pointing out how happy the baby girls are:

Friday is on the way …Ayyyeee!!! [email protected] Girl”s Be [email protected]👁️👁️😍

This isn’t the first time that Criminal Minds and S.W.A.T. fans have come together as of late. Ahead of Criminal Minds: Evolution’s premiere, the Paramount+ revival did a clever promo for the S.W.A.T. social media pages, milking the fact that Hondo used to be Derek. While Shemar Moore won’t actually be on Evolution, the clip was pretty genius:

Since Shemar Moore is busy with S.W.A.T., it’s unlikely that he’ll make an appearance in Criminal Minds: Evolution. The fact that he still uses the “baby girl” line with many of his posts proves that he still holds Criminal Minds near and dear to his heart. Maybe Evolution can at least satisfy fans by bringing up Derek and what he’s been up to since leaving? One can hope.

Meanwhile, Shemar Moore has been hard at work on S.W.A.T., even getting rid of his dad bod ahead of the sixth season. The CBS procedural celebrated 100 episodes last season and kicked off Season 6 in Thailand. It should be interesting to see what comes out of these upcoming episodes of both S.W.A.T. and Criminal Minds, and whether or not Moore will continue referencing his former FBI Agent character. At least fans will still hold Derek Morgan in their hearts.

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