Bautista and the apocalypse come a-knockin’ in the Knock At The Cabin trailer

Bautista comes a-knockin’ in the Knock At The Cabin trailer

Knock at the Cabin – Official Trailer 2

No longer the coy, twist-hiding Shymalan of years past, the new trailer reveals a few of the film’s upcoming surprises. However, like so many cabin movies of yesteryear, this is a common tale. Parents Jonathan Groff and Ben Aldridge take their child Kristen Cui into the woods for some family time. But, unfortunately, Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint, and a roving band of zealots have some terrible news: The world will end unless this family kills one of their own.

We imagine that there are a few more mysteries in store—although, aside from the ludicrous last 10 minutes, Old was the beach that made you old and not much else. Still, everyone in the trailer is at an emotional 11. If Bautista doesn’t shed a tear after each sentence, he might explode. So maybe there’s some wiggle room on the whole end-of-the-world thing.

But like Old, the trailer offers several terrifying images, such as a plane falling quietly out of the sky. It might be enough to knock at the ticket window and say, “Knock! Knock! One ticket for the 9:45 a.m. Knock At The Cabin, please.”


Knock At The Cabin opens on February 3, 2023.