Glee star Amber Riley talks Lea Michele’s alleged racism on Ziwe

Amber Riley on Diversity and Racism | ZIWE | SHOWTIME

The controversy recently resurfaced after Michele landed one of Broadway’s most coveted roles as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. Her casting coincided with fellow Glee alum Jane Lynch departing the show, stoking speculation that there was lingering bad blood between the former co-stars.


“Would you say that your famous coworker doesn’t see race and is in fact rude to all of her coworkers?” Ziwe continues.

“I think that she would probably say she doesn’t see race, but as we discussed earlier, everyone does,” Riley says.


Elsewhere in the clip, the recent Dancing With The Stars winner does not seem to look back on her Glee experience with particular fondness.

“We have diversity training on our show,” Ziwe tells her.

“I wish our show had that,” Riley laughs. “We did not.”

Ziwe is now airing on Showtime.