Demi Lovato in Hellessy at the UNICEF Gala

Posted on December 02, 2022

Demi Lovato went fully formal in an old-school sort of way for the UNICEF Gala, which forces us to bring an old T Lo catchphrase out of mothballs.

Girl, that’s not your dress. Please pack it up and send it to Jane Fonda, who could probably use a new dress right about now. Granted, we don’t really think it’d be much to her liking. That bodice is wildly overdesigned, to the point that we honestly can’t entirely tell what we’re looking at. Still, it’s not the worst frock we’ve ever seen. On the right wearer with the right styling, we might even call it unobjectionable. But it really doesn’t suit Demi at all. They’re so much better off working looks with a little edge to them. Maybe a UNICEF gala isn’t the right setting for that sort of style, but surely there’s some acceptable halfway point between Rocker Chick and Aging Socialite on the style scale.

Style Credits:
Hellessy Strapless Dress from the Fall 2022 Collection

Styled by Dianne Garcia Yohannes | Hair by César DeLeön Ramîrez | Makeup by Jill Powell

[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/ Images,]