The Color Purple, No Hard Feelings, and other trailers you may have missed this week

No Hard Feelings – Official Red Band Trailer #2 – Only In Cinemas June 21

Post-pandemic, mid-writer’s strike, and pre-whatever the hell comes next, stupid fun at the movies has never felt more essential. Luckily, Jennifer Lawrence has that covered in No Hard Feelings, where she plays a silly, horny, girl failure—a welcome addition to Lawrence’s prestigious canon. No Hard Feelings follows Maddie (Lawrence), a down-on-her-luck bartender/Uber driver without a car who agrees to romance a geeky 19-year-old, Percy (Andrew Feldman), after his parents promise her a Buick Regal in exchange. The myriad of gray areas inherent in the situation aside, a Buick is a Buick; Maddie’s not sweating the details. The film premieres in theaters on June 21