Catherine, Princess of Wales In Alexander McQueen Visits the Foundling Museum in London

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Well, it definitely looks like Princess Cathy has entered her pink era, since this is the second time in a week she’s stepped out in an all-pink ensemble. Maybe she’s feeling the Barbiecore trend or maybe she’s doing what we suggested and embracing the more Disney-esque image of her role. Whatever the case, the Princess of Wales visited the Foundling Museum in London, of which she is a patron, to meet with parents and learn about the experiences of foster children in the care system, and her look was decidedly soft and profesh:

That belt is extremely Barbie, but we honestly kind of love it. Not to over-analyze, but it dispenses with the idea that she’s using a work suit the same way a working woman in a daily job would and leans into the idea that she’s a princess playing the part for the day. It just feels a bit more true somehow. A royal touch that doesn’t come off grandiose. In a lot of ways, this feels like the purest version of an updated Queen Elizabeth ensemble; a style tactic she’s been perfecting for years. Elizabeth wore these all-one-color ensembles and tended to favor softer pastels. She’d usually finish them off with an impressive royal brooch to keep things regal. That’s what that belt feels like. A touch of cosplay. She should do things like that more often.

Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Pink Suit
Camilla Elphick Belt
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[Photo Credit: PA Images/INSTARimages]