Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Joke on ‘Live’ About “Frenching” in Front of Their Kids: “It Disgusts Them”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are notorious for finding ways to embarrass their children — and this morning’s episode of Live with Kelly and Mark was no different as they revealed one of the things that never fails to make their three kids cringe.

The conversation was sparked by a recent article that highlighted previous findings that “less than half” of cultures engage in romantic kissing. The audience fell silent when Ripa asked if anyone was a part of those cultures, leading her to happily conclude that “we are a kissing group of people.”

Meanwhile, Consuelos went on to talk about one of his top types of smooching.

“You know the romance languages. The Europeans — we’re both from that decent. There’s the French kiss. One of my favorites,” he said, before sarcastically adding, “One of our kids’ favorites when we’re doing it. They love that.”

When Ripa clarified that they “never French in front of the kids,” Consuelos said they “fake” the act.

“We make them think we’re Frenching because it disgusts them,” Ripa joked.

'Live with Kelly and Mark'
Photo: ABC

The longtime host’s husband then speculated on what these cultures do instead of kissing as he leaned into Ripa’s face and sniffed her. He explained, “They do more of a sniffing. Or air kissing. There’s cuddling. Which leads to kissing.”

Ripa quipped, “Spooning leads to forking,” before turning to the audience and asking, “Did you pay for your tickets? No, you didn’t. You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

Elsewhere in the segment, Ripa — who said she enjoys kissing her husband — revealed that she has had her fair share of bad kisses prior to meeting him. But what was more interesting about the convo was her admission that Consuelos doesn’t wake up with bad breath — something she finds “alarming but hot.”

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