Brett Goldstein talks the Ted Lasso cast’s visit to the White House

When the cast of Ted Lasso visited the White House to participate in a mental health summit hosted by President Joe Biden, Roy Kent actor Brett Goldstein found himself to be a little less confident than his onscreen persona.

“It was amazing and it was an honor and it was a privilege,” Goldstein says in a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “But I’ve never been more aware of my hands than I was all day. Like, what do you do with your hands at the White House? I didn’t know how to stand, I didn’t know how to sit. I was like, ‘What is a person?’ I lost my mind. It’s so serious. It’s the fucking White House. I’m really trying not to swear, desperately trying not to make jokes. Like, I’ve never worked so hard in my life.”

Brett Goldstein on Ted Lasso Ending, Their White House Visit & Cursing During His Emmy Speech

The comedian and Muppets enthusiast ended up turning to co-star Hannah Waddingham for help when it came time to pose for pictures. While the fictional football team quickly became a beloved ensemble after the Apple TV+ series premiered in 2020, its time together is coming to an end, as the comedy is presumably coming to an end after its third season, airing now.


“The last day, I think it was mean of the AD, they deliberately scheduled the last scene that had everyone in it in the locker room, and it was already an emotional scene, and then eventually they said, ‘That’s a wrap,’ and then like 250 people–set designers, accountants, everyone involved in Ted Lasso–rushed into the locker room,” Goldstein recalls.

Ted Lasso star and co-creator Jason Sudeikis has suggested that spin-offs are on the way, though he hasn’t offered any clues as to which characters could come back. While The A.V. Club would happily watch a whole show about Roy and his family, it’s unclear if Goldstein will ever step into the soccer star’s cleats again.



“I kept sneaking off to the shower set to have a cry so no one could see, and then I’d come back like, ‘Why are you all crying? What’s wrong with you?’” he jokes.

Goldstein already has plenty on his plate after Ted Lasso wraps up. Not only does he have a mysterious new role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he’s already re-teamed with Ted Lasso’s Bill Lawrence as one of the co-creators of Shrinking. However, don’t expect to see him in front of the camera on the new Apple TV+ series, which recently concluded its first season.


“I’m slightly wary of just forcing myself into it because I want to hang out with Harrison Ford and Jason Segel,” Goldstein tells Kimmel.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]