Who Plays Barbara, Keeley’s CFO on ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3? Meet Katy Wix

We’re only one episode into Ted Lasso Season 3, but things are off to a rocky start for PR superstar Keeley Jones (Juno Temple).

In the Season 3 premiere of Apple TV+‘s beloved comedy, we got our first look at Keeley running her new public relations firm KJPR. Unlike the AFC Richmond club, her fancy office and new colleagues are overly quiet, professional, and isolating. When her bestie Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) visits for lunch, Keeley reveals that she started scheduling time on her calendar to cry during the day. So it’s clear she’s not loving the environment. And her by-the-book CFO (Chief Financial Officer, not Corporate Fine Object) Barbara isn’t making her job any easier.

Barbara interrupts Keeley and Rebecca’s lunch date to tell Ms. Jones (she refuses to use Keeley’s first name) about a problem. “Ms. Jones, I noticed a business expense for flowers recurring weekly. You want to spend 200 pounds every week on flowers…why?” she asked. When Keeley explained that flowers smell nice and liven the office, she explained, “Flowers are for two things, Ms. Jones: dead people and dead marriages.” Barbara, who hurt you?!

As we see more of KJPR throughout Season 3, we’ll likely see more of Keeley’s new CFO Barb as well. So who plays Barbara on Ted Lasso? Here’s everything we know about actor Katy Wix.

Katy Wix as Barbara on 'Ted Lasso'
Photo: Apple TV+

Who Plays Barbara on Ted Lasso Season 3? Meet Katy Wix

As noted, Keeley’s strict CFO Barbara is played by Katy Wix, a 43-year-old Welsh actor and comedian from the UK. Per her IMDb page, Wix kicked off her on-screen career in 2006 and has starred in a number of TV series and films in the years since, including Torchwood, Horrible Histories, Fried, Together, Ladhood, and more.

Wix is perhaps best-known for her roles as Daisy in Not Going Out, Gemma Simpson in Agatha Raisin, Fergie in The Windsors, Carole in Stath Lets Flats, and Mary in Ghosts. And she’s also a writer who authored several books, including Delicacy: A Memoir About Cake And Death.

To stay up-to-date with Wix through Ted Lasso Season 3 and long after, you can follow her on Instagram at @really_katywix or on Twitter at @WixKaty.

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