Oscars 2023: THE WHALE Star Hong Chau in Prada

We feel so bad for Best Supporting Actress nominee Hong Chau – not because she didn’t win. We figure even she knew she wasn’t a frontrunner. No, we feel bad for her because at her first Oscar ceremony as a nominee, she got Prada’d so hard. In this instance, we are using “Prada’d” to mean “received a lovely, simple, flattering garment with one big, honking, deal-breaking detail.” To wit:

The fit is superb, the color is lovely on her. She was the one who suggested the Mandarin collar to the Prada design team. We realize that the pink sheath alone may not have enough impact for the Oscars, but you solve that with some obnoxious diamonds and a great bag, not a train made out of seaweed. She looks very pretty in it, so long as she doesn’t turn around.

Style Credits:
– Custom Prada Pink Satin Gown with a Wide Train Embellished with an All-over Embroidery of Fringes and Black Sequins
Prada Black Brushed Leather Sandals
Mikimoto Jewelry

Styled by Zadrian and Sarah | Hair by Derek Yuen | Makeup by Fiona Stiles

[Photo Credit: Kyusung Gong/©A.M.P.A.S., ABC]