Josh Duggar Spent His Birthday In Solitary Confinement. How It Connects To His Prison Release Date Being Pushed Back

Josh Duggar turned 35 earlier this month, but the occasion wasn’t the large family celebration the Duggar family has been known for. The father of seven is currently in prison after being found guilty on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography, and he actually spent his birthday in solitary confinement. Days later, his prison release date was pushed back as well. But how are the two connected? 

How Josh Duggar Spent His 35th Birthday In Prison

The TLC personality turned 35 at FCI Seagoville on March 3. At the time, the former 19 Kids and Counting star was listed as staying in the SHU, otherwise known as the solitary housing unit. He’d been thrown in there after reportedly sneaking in a cell phone. This wouldn’t mark the first big occasion the star spent in solitary confinement; previously Duggar spent Christmas of 2021 in solitary confinement as well. 

Unfortunately for those living in the SHU, visitation is not allowed, so the eldest Duggar son likely spent his birthday alone, a far cry from the visitation he had been used to early on in his prison tenure as his wife Anna would come by and reportedly bring the kids. 

An insider revealed to The Sun that things have been even more dismal in the SHU this month as communication systems have been down. Inmates have been receiving letters rather than getting phone calls and it’s allegedly led to complaints, though it’s worth noting those in solitary confinement are reportedly only allowed one call per month anyway.

Family members have been complaining that they’re unable to communicate with loved ones in the SHU. The video and phone systems in the SHU have been down in recent weeks. Loved ones have been writing letters to inmates in the SHU.

Not only has the cell phone smuggling had ramifications on Josh Duggar’s stay in the Dallas-based prison, but it will also have an impact on his release date. 

Josh Duggar Will Also Be Released From Prison Later Than Expected

According to a new report, not only has Duggar lost inmate privileges while at FCI Seagoville, the former reality star also was told his release date will be later than was previously announced. Originally, he was set to be released on August 12, 2032. However, that date has been pushed back 10 days to August 22, 2032 (via In Touch). 

It’s worth noting that when he was sentenced, Duggar was actually told he would be in prison for 151 months, or roughly 12.5 years in prison. However, when the Federal Bureau of Prisons released Duggar’s initial information, some of that time had seemingly been shaved off, as he’ll be released after around 10 years in the system, having been incarcerated in June of 2022. While Duggar is not eligible for parole, the federal agency does not a prisoner has to serve 85% or more of their sentence before they can be released. 

A release in late August of 2032 would mark 10 years and a couple of additional months since Josh Duggar first stepped behind bars. However, it would still be much shorter than the 151 months he was originally sentenced to in court. 

Also worth mentioning is the fact he will still be under scrutiny once he exits prison. The former 19 Kids and Counting star will actually be on probation for an extremely lengthy duration: 20 years. During that time, he will be unable to do a variety of activities, including accessing pornography (adult porn was also stipulated). Duggar will reportedly also only be able to spend time with his children in the presence of specifically listed individuals, among other probation rules. 

Duggar’s 35th birthday marks his first birthday behind bars, but it will not be his last. While the prison doesn’t really do much for birthdays, if he is out of solitary confinement next year, an insider notes that sometimes “fellow inmates do try to get a cake” to mark the occasion.