Jenna Ortega Nixed the Idea of a Flash Mob Interrupting Her Now Iconic ‘Wednesday’ Dance Scene

Jenna Ortega is spilling tea about her experience filming Netflix’s Wednesday. The actor shared that she nixed a “flash mob” scene that was supposed to occur during her character’s dance number, which later went viral.

While appearing on Monday’s (March 6) episode of the Armchair Expert podcast, Ortega revealed that she took multiple creative liberties on set in order to make the famed goth character appear more authentic and well-rounded. 

In addition to “changing lines” and sitting down with the show writers, Ortega objected to a large flash mob scene that was planned for the fourth episode of the Tim Burton series, which features her character dancing to the beat of The Cramps’ 1981 hit “Goo Goo Muck.”

“Initially it was supposed to be a flash mob,” Ortega said on the podcast, per Entertainment Weekly. “She was supposed to start dancing, and everyone was supposed to pick up on it and start dancing with her. And that I vetoed, because why would she be okay with that? I said, ‘Either cut it or have Wednesday knock someone out, and then it’s done.’”

The actor also turned down a choreographer and created the dance herself.

Last December, Ortega shared that she had COVID while filming the dance number and described it as “awful to film.” The actor wanted to re-shoot the scene, but the production team denied her request due to time constraints. At the time, the Wednesday actor said, “I’m not a dancer and I’m sure that’s obvious. I got the song about a week before and I just pulled from whatever I could.” 

Later in the podcast, Ortega suspected that her onset behavior was “almost unprofessional,” but thankfully, her performance was well-received and earned her Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations.

Ortega has also been brought on as an executive producer for the second season of the smash hit, which was renewed in January after shattering the Netflix record for most hours viewed for an English-language show in a single week. After revealing the news in a profile with Elle, Ortega proclaimed that she is “making the rules” this time around, seemingly prioritizing her health and well-being.

Wednesday Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.