5 Weird Dating Shows That Live Rent-Free in My Head, From Catching Kelce to Monica Lewinsky’s Mr. Personality

Travis Kelce’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig won’t be the first time the footballer makes us laugh on-screen. While the rest of the world may have forgotten his 2016 E! reality dating series Catching Kelce, we couldn’t if we tried.

In honor of Kelce’s SNL debut, we’ve decided to revisit some of the weirdest dating shows of all time.

These days, we look to The Bachelor to satisfy our dating show needs, but it’s stuffy, formal format always lets us down. We get distracted by things like: Why do these women own so many evening gowns? Why is being a twin considered a profession to the producers who wrote the on-screen banners? Why are all these people pretending they aren’t having sex for most of the season?

Things weren’t always so buttoned up, so what happened to the most juicy shows of our television dating past? I’m talking about the shows that were weird, uncomfortable and unhinged! Below is a list of the five weirdest dating shows that live in our minds rent-free, meaning we ask nothing of them but to stay and entertain us with their memories on any given afternoon.

To be clear, these are not necessarily the greatest forgotten dating shows, just the ones that left us wondering “WTF?” enough times that we’re still talking about them.

Which dating shows do you think are the absolute weirdest? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.