Saint Laurent Fashion Show Front Row in Paris

A bunch of celebrity ladies came out for the Saint Laurent show in some surprisingly low-key looks. Let’s judge.

Dua Lipa

She’s got a way with a hood, even when it’s attached to a halter neckline. The look overall is very dramatic, but it doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny. Why is the coat dragging on the floor?

Natalia Dyer

This might be the cutest she’s ever looked for a public appearance. The jacket and skirt make a killer combination.

Olivia Wilde

On the one hand, we salute any star who can snag the non-cray stuff in order to secure their front row seat. On the other hand, why would the house lend out such unphotogenic outfits?

Salma Hayek

This is surprisingly gorgeous. We wouldn’t think a bolero would work with a dress like this but she’s really pulling it off. The color looks great on her and the pendant is stunning.

Sophie Thatcher

Another one who knows what to do with a hood. She’s delivering the drama the garment asks for, but we don’t love the color or the weight of the textile.

Zoë Kravitz

Those tights are a lot of fun, but they’re the only interesting thing about the look. To the extent that any drama is being served, it’s entirely due to the wearer.

[Photo Credit: Abaca Press/INSTARimages]