‘The Challenge’s Amber Borzotra Tearfully Reveals Her Autism Diagnosis to Her Co-Stars During Show’s Reunion Special

Reality star Amber Borzotra, who recently appeared on the latest season of MTV‘s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, made an emotional reveal on the show’s reunion this week. Speaking through tears, Borzotra announced on stage that she was recently diagnosed with autism.

While seated next to her boyfriend and partner on the MTV series, Chauncey Palmer — with whom she’s expecting a child later this year — Borzotra began, “First of all, this is the first time I’m sharing this with anyone except for my family and Chauncey: I was diagnosed as autistic.”

Borzotra added, “I struggle in social settings, and this pressure has been so much on me. And I’ve taken meds for depression and anxiety in this game, and I’ve told people I haven’t because it was embarrassing.”

She revealed that after she wrapped filming Season 38 of the show, she sought medical help to identify what she had been grappling with.

“I really needed help,” she said. “It’s been so hard, and I had to figure out why I’m this person and why, my whole life, I’ve felt the way I’ve felt and I am this way. I’m trying to find my own community of people that understand that.”

Borzotra’s Challenge co-stars were nothing but supportive after she made her announcement, with Nany Gonzalez telling her that the “diagnosis does not define you,” and adding, “We’ve loved you before this and we’ll continue to love you after this.”

After the special aired, Borzotra responded to her co-stars and supportive fans on Twitter writing, today, “Wow, thank you to all who have shown so much love and support. Y’all have no idea how much it means to me.”

She added, “This was tough to open up about because I was so afraid of continuous judgement for simply being myself so I appreciate the army of people in my corner..Love y’all!!”

Borzotra also appeared on Big Brother 16 back in 2014.

Watch her full emotional announcement in the video above.