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We still have one more awards season event from this weekend, darlings! Let’s judge these party people!

Ana de Armas

We tend to think a velvet crop top is an inherently silly garment. This look isn’t doing anything to change our minds.

Aubrey Plaza

This is cute and fun, but it looks itchy as hell.

Danielle Deadwyler

Love the skirt, don’t love the turtleneck with it. The color looks fantastic on her.

Kerry Condon

Not the best angle for assessing a look, but we’re not loving the way the skirt and top marry.

Elizabeth Debicki

This is effortlessly fabulous, but we think she might do herself a favor if she actually put a little effort in. Every dress is shapeless, every hairstyle is a center part worn loose, and jewelry is a rarity. You’re resting on pretty, lady.

Kaia Gerber

It’s fine. She’s a model. Pretty much anything’s going to look fine on her.

Kaitlyn Dever

We don’t really like this ensemble at all, but it has more personality than 99% of her style choices, so we’re inclined to give it some positive reinforcement. The skirt’s kinda fun, but we don’t see what that top has to do with it.

Daisy Edgar-Jones


Jessica Biel

How she managed to take a simple cream one-shoulder dress and style it to the point that it looks overwrought is a mystery. What is she even thinking with those boots?

Michelle Williams

Cutest thing she’s worn all season. We don’t like the turtleneck with it, of course. It seems like she still has her twee preferences but for whatever reason, she doesn’t feel like she can indulge them like she used to. Michelle, we’re here to tell you: You haven’t aged out of this style.

Greta Lee

The makeup is harsh and the footwear is ridiculous. A dress like this needs impeccable styling.

Melanie Lynskey

This is cutely low-key. We don’t know if jeans were right for a party where people are wearing gowns, but she is who she is. Let the lady put her party pants on.

Taylor Russell

Scorching hot.

Mia Goth

She does well with weird fashion, but our issue here is how conventional it becomes below the waist.

Austin Butler and Janelle Monáe

We like that Janelle has returned to her hottie styles. We can’t wait for Austin to leave his behind.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images for W Magazine]