‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Drew Sidora Is Finally Getting Divorced From Ralph Pittman

Reality star Drew Sidora’s marriage to Ralph Pittman has been a topic of conversation ever since she first joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but after a few years of speculation as to whether their relationship would last, we finally have an answer. People reported today that Sidora and Pittman are getting a divorce.

In a statement to People, Pittman said, “Love is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to move on to our next chapters, independent of each other. Drew and I have decided to file for divorce.”

He continued, “We have three amazing young children, and their mindset and growth is what is most important. As we navigate this difficult time, I ask that you please respect our privacy.”

While People reported that Pittman is the one who filed for divorce, TMZ revealed that Sidora actually filed a petition for divorce yesterday, one hour before Pittman did.

When Sidora first joined the cast of the show in 2020, her marriage was immediately scrutinized when Pittman left home for three days without telling Sidora where he was.

Speaking to Decider at the time, Sidora said, “I thought, ‘Okay, we can show how great our marriage is!’ And he did leave a couple of days before we started to film. I was trying to just put on a happy face, celebrate our anniversary. But I did need answers, and he didn’t give those to me initially.”

She continued, “So we are on a journey now, where we’re in counseling and just trying to work through our various issues.”

She also added, “We’re still having our challenges, but the cameras are catching all of it. That’s not something I was used to. In my world, it’s like, ‘Cut!’ and it goes away. Here, it’s just here. Working through all of that, you’ll see that process.”

Last year on RHOA, Sidora also discovered that Pittman was in a closer relationship with his female assistant than Sidora had realized. Though the assistant was fired, it caused tension for the couple, and prompted some of Sidora’s co-stars — including Kenya Moore — to criticize Pittman for behaving disrespectfully.

Sidora and Pittman were married in August 2014. Together they have been raising their two children, as well as Drew’s son from a previous relationship.