The Color Purple, No Hard Feelings, and other trailers you may have missed this week

<img class="type:primaryImage" src="" /><p>Who doesn’t love a good trailer? Even though this week’s new trailers aren’t delivering in terms of quantity, the quality is all there. For starters, we got a closer look at <a

Lorenzo’s Picks for Flat Sandals

<p>Darlings, it’s Memorial Day Weekend and we can’t think of a better time or a better reason to go shopping for a fabulous new pair of sandals. Lorenzo has satisfied his shopping itch by making

John Wick 5 Unleashed: A Franchise Set to Conquer

<div><img width="594" height="396" src="" class="attachment-medium size-medium wp-post-image" alt="John Wick" loading="lazy" style="margin-bottom: 15px" /></div> <p>Prepare for more thrilling gun-fu action and intense revenge quests as Lionsgate announces the expansion of the wildly successful John Wick franchise. With

About My Father

Reviews Matt Zoller Seitz May 26, 2023 Tweet When was the first time that Robert De Niro did a flat-out comedy? Probably 1984’s “Falling in Love,” or maybe “Midnight Run,” which where he did slapstick for