Guns, monster trucks, and Jesus: New teaser for The Righteous Gemstones season 3

<img class="type:primaryImage" src="" /><p>Because nothing says “a devout pursuit of Christian values” like running over cars with a monster truck, firing off lots of guns, and telling your siblings to shut the fuck up, we’re

Book Club: The Next Chapter

Reviews Nell Minow May 10, 2023 Tweet Four brilliant, accomplished, gorgeous female actors play four friends who take a bachelorette trip to Italy in this dumb, dull, dud of a waste of their time and

Jennifer Garner Coves ALLURE’s May Issue

<p>In her cover story interview with ALLURE, Jennifer Garner opens up about motherhood, living in the spotlight, and how she really feels about always being seen as the ‘nice’ person.   On why being perceived

Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Sean Gunn is happy traveling between the Marvel and DC universes

<img class="type:primaryImage" src="" /><p>Marvel fans may recognize him as Kraglin, whom we first met as Yondu’s right-hand man in the inaugural <a href=""><em>Guardians Of The Galaxy</em></a> film, but Sean Gunn has an even bigger role