The stars are out and dressing fancy at the 2023 Met Gala

<img class="type:primaryImage" src="" /><p><a href="">The Met Gala</a> is one of the main six or seven times a year that famous people get to dress fancy for the sake of dressing fancy. We’re not celebrating movies,

A Small Light

Reviews Clint Worthington May 01, 2023 Tweet The Anne Frank story has been burned into the cultural consciousness for decades now—a tragic tale of hope and resilience in the face of apocalyptic violence. But Frank

The Unloved, Part 113: The Sheltering Sky

MZS Scout Tafoya May 01, 2023 Tweet Bernardo Bertolucci was one of the first directors I encountered as a teenager who demonstrated to me that art shouldn’t have barriers; that no subject was off limits.

Live Again

Time fades away: on the occasion of Shinji Somai’s ongoing retrospective at the Japan Society, critic Emerson Goo offers a primer on the director’s audacious, and enduring, filmography


Back to life: <em>Evil Dead Rise</em>, more than other reboots of the franchise, gets closer to squeezing real feelings out of the scenario without ever going soft on the gory trappings