The Film Comment Podcast: Sundance 2023 #8

Crystal clear: filmmakers Deborah Stratman, Mary Helena Clark, and Mike Gibisser join to discuss their new films, which premiered in the festival’s New Frontier section

The Way We Were

Look again: the first film from the Nobel–Prize winning author engages Ernaux’s career-long fascination with photography to tell the story of an disintegrating marriage

Film Comment Recommends: Godland

Cold hearted: Hlynur Pálmason’s latest is an astute examination of the eternal failure of colonial projects when self-absorbed outsiders are tasked with getting to know the world beyond themselves

Free Skate (2022) Film Review

<p>Even the best athletes in the world have had to endure grievances that make their journey much more poetic and inspiring. It seems like a good part of their story is overcoming themselves but also

Petit Mal (2022) Film Review

<p>Ruth Caudeli’s Petit Mal is a very intimate look into the lives of three women who have decided to stay together, living under the complicated dynamics of a throuple. Caudeli, working as a writer/director/actress in

Slam (1998) Film Revisit

<p>Marc Levin’s Slam was digitally restored as a part of the Sundance Institute’s Archives & Collection program to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film. We revisited and reviewed the film as part of the