Detective Knight: Rogue (2022) Film Review

<p>With Detective Knight: Rogue, you know what you’re gonna get. There’s no other reason to sit through a film of this nature than an unconditional love for a genre known for having little to no

Sufjan Stevens reminds us that he’s never finishing the 50 states project

<img src="" /><p>If any <a href="">Sufjan Stevens</a> fans were still hoping that he would ever finish his early ’00s mission to write an album dedicated to each of the 50 states, the acclaimed singer/songwriter has

Why won’t Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried acknowledge Mean Girls 2?

<img src="" /><p>Either because it’s terrible or they aren’t aware of its existence, <a href=""><em>Mean Girls</em></a> stars Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried are adamant that a <a href=""><em>Mean Girls 2</em></a> never has and will never